Get Involved

Ambassadors Football Ireland is actively involved both locally and abroad. We are always looking for people to join in on our work. Please contact us with a note and fill us in on your desire and talents.


A lot of the work we do is based in Co Armagh and we need coaches and/or helpers for our programmes. We train all of our volunteers, so please don’t hesitate if you don’t have coaching experience. We also need volunteers who have different skills as well.

• Promoting Ambassadors Tours and events in the local church.
• Assist with funding applications and support raising.
• Assistant coaching.
• Assisting in all of our programs.


We are always keen to partner with churches in our ministry. One of the ways we can do this is to partner with churches to share the working week of an intern. So, if you are an intern working with a church, or you would like to intern specifically with us, then please contact us through the site.

Likewise, if you are church who would like to partner with us we would love to hear from you in relationship to intern strategies. Let’s enhance the outreach into our communities together!


Ambassadors Football is a faith-based organization and all of our staff raise their own support through individuals, churches, and other organisations. We are seeking individuals who feel called to see sports ministry in churches and communities to reach the lost and hopeless.

If you feel that God in calling you into sports ministry with Ambassadors, we suggest that you consider doing some of our short-term tours to discern your call and to experience the work of Ambassadors Football. Please contact us and share your calling with someone from our staff.