Over the last 15 years  Ambassadors Football Ireland have organised, training teams and hosted many tours. We can partner with churches and help them run their very own football mission team somewhere in the world. Or maybe you just want to go on one of our tours? Below are some of the options available.

USA Coaching Tour – Every Year In July (Up To 5 Weeks)

The US Summer Experience is an opportunity to join christian footballers/ coaches from around the world to serving the summer camp season in the United States of America. Check out this video of the camps.

Dates 27th June – 31st July

Cost £300 plus flights

Download the Ambassadors Application for more details

Australia Coaching Tour – April, July And Sept/Oct

Visit their website for more information and contact details

Playing Tours – Usually One Every Year (Early Summer)

We have had a number of playing tours, mainly to Africa over the last 15 years. This year there was a team that went to Zambia, Africa.

International Ambassadors Futsal Tournament – Every 2 Years End Of October

Enjoy Futsal? Or want to give it a go? Great fun and fast tempo game. Great chance to play in an international tournament and to meet like minded people from all our europe.

Cycle For Hope – Generally Every 2 Years

In the past few years, teams have cycled down through Africa from Morocco to South Africa and across Europe from Northern Ireland to Poland, around our own country of Ireland and even to France for the Euros.

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The goal of these unique tours is to share the hope we have in Christ and the change he can make in our lives by raising money for football ministry in Africa and sharing the gospel with people along the route.  The physical challenge of the tour as well as the fellowship on the team encourage personal development during the journey as well. Pump up your bike tires and stay tuned for the next adventure!