AFC About Us

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Vision / Mission

To maximize the potential of all the players that belong to our club, while using the environment of competitive football to teach valuable life lessons based on biblical principles.

Ambassadors FC seeks to do football differently, providing an atmosphere where players can learn, develop and grow. We view our players holistically where we aim to help them develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We recognize the potential to learn life skills through football and we strive to create an atmosphere that will help players reach their potential and achieve their goals.

We believe in honesty, integrity, hard work and discipline. As a club we want to constantly improve and strive for excellence, on and off the field.  We do not tolerate cheating or gamesmanship and we believe we can achieve our goals without compromising our core values.

We believe that we can use football to create community, reach others and bring glory to God.


The Club with formed in 2006, and was founded by the former Director of the Christian organisation Ambassadors Football Ireland, Robert Cuthbert and Richard Hobson. The first team play in Mid Ulster Division 1 while the second team formed in 2010 play in Mid Ulster Reserve Division 2.

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Ladies And Youth

In 2015 we added 2 youth teams and a ladies team to the Ambassadors family. We currently have 4 youth teams and 2 girls teams.


  • Division 4 Champions  2007/8
  • Division 3 Runners up  2008/9
  • Division 2 Runners up  2010/11
  • Marshall Cup Runners up  2009
  • Foster Cup Runners up  2011
  • Mid Ulster Shield Winners  2012
  • Gerald Kennedy Cup Runners Up 2012
  • Ladies South 1 League and Cup 2015