Youth Programs

Our youth programs cater to a wide range of ages and take place in a variety of contexts including churches and schools. We are available to come and lead football activities and a Bible lesson for almost any age group.


This program is jam-packed full of football fun for boys and girls aged from 3 year olds to P2. Every child has a football for the entire programme so each player can develop at their own pace.

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We play fun games pretending to be speedy race cars, silly flamingos, or buzzing bees. Lots of touches on the ball not only develops basic footskills but coordination and gross-motor skills as well. We gather at the end of the session to learn a Scripture memory verse with motions and read a Bible story.

This year we will be running Little Ambassadors at Richhill Presbyterian Church on Mondays

Little Ambassadors 3pm-3.45pm


Junior and senior ambassadors is a chance for older kids to learn new football skills in a fun environment, along with learning about biblical principles.

Junior Ambassadors (P2-P4) runs in Richhill Presbyterian at 4pm-4.50pm

Senior Ambassadors  is for boys and girls in p5 to p7. If you are interested in sending your child to any of these classes please get in touch. It currently runs from 5pm -6pm

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Our work in schools goes on throughout the year and provides us with great opportunities to tell young people about our faith and the work of Ambassadors around the world. We aim to serve schools through excellent coaching, assemblies, lunchtime clubs and Scripture Unions. This year we coached in Ballyoran, Hardy Memorial, Clare PS and the Cope.