Ambassadors Football League (AFL)

Ambassadors has started an autumn/winter football league to have football fellowship and to share the Gospel. Any money raised will go towards a bursaries for people who are interested in doing an Ambassadors Football mission trip in the summer.

Week 1 Results

Mon the Biff FC 6 v 0 Gilford FC
(D Bell 4, Dixon, Glass)

Last 15 3 v 2 Toxic Spuds
(S Maginnis 3; D Johnstone, S Russell)




Week 2 Results

2nd Richhill 2 – 2 Hospital Hotspurs
(M. Anderson, Z. Wilson; G. Watson (2))

Hospital hotspurs won the draw extra point penalty shoot out so receive two points. 2nd Richhill still receive their point.

Gilford United 1 – 2 Toxic Spuds
(K. McKinstry; B. Archer (2))


League Table (after week 2)