Europe Coaching Tour

The Europe Coaching Tour is an opportunity to join christian footballers/ coaches from around the world to serve in the summer camp season in Ireland, the Czech Republic, England or in Holland. There will be plenty of time for some matches if you enjoy playing and also a chance to explore the wonderful towns and cities you will be visiting.

No coaching experience required.  First week is training followed by 3 weeks of camps.

This year it starts August 1st 2016.

Cost from £200

Age 16+

Fill in our Ambassadors Application to apply, here is more ECT info  Applications can be emailed to Ireland









Cycle for Hope France

Following on from our previous cycle trips in Africa and Europe, we return to the continent to the European Championships. The back of a bike is the best way to any country. We plan to cycle from Richhill to Paris, France, partnering with churches, share the Gospel, touring the War memorials and raising funds for sports ministry in Africa. We are leaving on Friday 10th June and the tour finishes on the 22nd June. We will be in Paris for the Northern Ireland vs Germany game. Cost is £550 not including personal travel insurance and travel home. Fill out our Ambassadors Application to aply

USA Summer Experience

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The US Summer Experience is an opportunity to join christian footballers/ coaches from around the world to serving the summer camp season in the United States of America. Check out this video of the camps.

Dates 27th June – 31st July

Cost £300 plus flights

Download the Ambassadors Application for more details



For more information on any of the above tours please email or call 07739017143